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Blog of some of my architectural projects. We seek structural clearness and forceful form.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

courtyard house E

In a passage of row houses of a new urbanization, this one placed this small project of housing. The main generational idea of the design of this project, is his binary pattern of configuration. This model takes the form of two similar courts, wich organize the space and provide of natural light and air. This courts do not hold a visual exterior impact. Classic concepts like the unit and balance of the whole, they compose the simple facade constructed of whitened brickwork and boarded of wood.

Monday, January 21, 2008

courtyard house #3

God firts creates three settings and then, in the same order, fills them with appropriate agents.

This project of housing (project or scheme, both terms are synonimous) is placed in a lot of empty area, surrounded with walls of a only one height that define the limits with the adjacent properties. Heiress of the tradition and of the Modern Movement, the idea of a space closed on a outside and opened a quiet interior realm, generated the design.

The house, of one only story, consist of three parts. The parts frontal and later, orientated to The Levant and West respectively, they correspond to the quiet court. The central part, divided in two sectors for a thick wall in the central axis, is a covered and diaphanous space that shelters, on the one hand, the zones of living and dining room; and, for other one, the zones of bedrooms. These covered spaces are orientated to one or another courtyard by means of glazed surfaces that can be closed with sliding or folding shutters. The cover or roof rests on a segment of a perimetral wall and in the whole extension of the central wall forming a kind of eaves in the margin of the transition between the covered spaces and the court.
An opening in the perimetral wall of the house indicates the entry. From the frontal court, the general circulation crosses in straight line the central part of the house for the areas of the living and dining room close to the dividing central wall, to the later court. Perpendicular to the implicit line of principal access, a corridor drives, for a opening in the dividing central wall, from the collective rooms to the individual stays.
Towars the exterior, the house expresses of a simple and austere form. The door of entry, fixed a bit next to the center, forms a deep hollow; and, across narrow and elongated opening covered with a transluced glass, it allows to glimpse from the street some indication of activity in the interior. In the other side of the implicit line of balance, an agreeable foliage of a tree stablished in the court, appears for on the white exterior face adorning the facade.